About Us

At Rozell Sprayer Manufacturing Co. in Tyler, Texas, we firmly believe in old fashioned customer service with an expert touch. We understand that the key to any successful business is developing long-term relationships with both our valued customers and suppliers – that’s why we strive to provide mutually beneficial relationships with everyone we do business with.

Our professional team takes great pride in the agricultural equipment we provide our customers. Our innovative, versatile products have made us the first name on the list for reliable sprayer manufacturing in East Texas. As a locally owned and operated business supplying the sprayer and GPS fertilization guidance needs of our region, we are proud to support our communities with exceptional customer service and superior products.

One-Year Limited Warranty

Rozell Sprayer Manufacturing Co products are warrantied for one year against defects in materials and workmanship and to perform according to specifications furnished when such products are properly assembled, installed, used, and maintained.

Should any part prove defective within one year from date of purchase, the part will be replaced F.O.B. our factory without charge, providing the part is returned to us, transportation charges prepaid. No allowance will be made for labor, transportation charges, or other charges incurred in the replacement of the defective part.

Rozell Sprayer Manufacturing Co will not be responsible for labor charges, losses, or damage caused by a defective part. Component parts, equipment, accessories, and items not manufactured by Rozell Sprayer Manufacturing Co, are warrantied only to the extent of the original manufacturer’s warranty. Consequential damages, if any, are specifically excluded from this warranty.

For more information on Rozell Sprayer Manufacturing’s high quality sprayers, part supply, and services in East Texas, contact us today.